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Golden Touch Painting provides a complete range of painting services for your homes interior.  A quality paint job can transform the ambiance of your home to an inviting and relaxing setting.  At the same time Golden Touch Painting respects your home and its significance in your life and this is reflected in our work ethics.  Our quality team exercise special care in keeping your home clean and organized, protecting your possessions with high-quality drop clothes.  While we perform our work to produce the finest results at a price you can afford, your life can continue in its regular routine with minimal disruptions.

Our Process includes:

Caulking: Holes and cracks

Priming: Exposed wood, new drywall, marker, crayons, and any other needed areas

Masking or taping: Furniture, flooring, appliances, cabinets and anything not to be painted

Painting: and spraying with superior paint products

Professionalism: We consistantly maintain a clean working environment

Supplies: We supply all the materials for completion of job

We return any and all furnishings to their original place if moved by Golden Touch Painters

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May 01, 2015
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Alex at Golden Touch Painting was great from the bidding process to clean up.  What a great job they did on the exterior of our home.   The workers were polite and very professional and did not intrude in our daily routine.  They took extra measures to ensure our comfort and definitely exceeded my...
Janet Foster
My wife and I just used Golden Touch Painting to paint the interior of our new home.  The previous owners were smokers and the walls were saturated with the smell of nicotine.  Alex made some suggestions and offered great solutions to get rid of the smell and in a few days we were able to live in a...
Frank Reynolds


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