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The beautiful weather in Colorado is why so many people decide to make Colorado their permanent home.  However, mile-high sunshine, 300 days a year, is tough on the exterior of your home.  Golden Touch Painting will help retain your home’s appearance, structural integrity and safeguard its value by incorporating the methods and material that best suits our particular climate.  We carefully select our paint for its durability and quality, and we take special care to prepare all exterior surfaces to ensure you receive an enduring, high-quality finished product.

Our Process includes:

  • Pressure wash complete exterior
  • Scrape any loose paint and sand areas as needed
  • Caulk nail holes, window, doors, siding, trim, and fascia with 100% acrylic caulk as needed
  • Prime any bare wood/metal including the first two sidings of the house
  • Mask and protect any windows, brick, stone, screens, door knobs, lights and anything not to be painted
  • Paint complete exterior with superior paint products, such as Sherwin Williams or Kwal paint
  • Maintain a clean working environment
  • Supply all materials needed for completion of job

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